The Importance of Public Relations

03/13/2019 Steve Joseph

The role and function of PR have evolved tremendously over the years. You might think that PR is only about getting media coverage or preventing the crisis. Sure, these two goals are an integral part of it, but that’s just the beginning.

In simple terms, PR is one of the most effective ways to build on marketing strategies and create a solid online reputation. PR can be also explained as strategic communication between organizations and their publics, but this can mean different things for various companies. Yet, the power of PR remains vital for each business evolving out there.

Understanding PR 

To put everything in short, practicing public relations today involves managing the flow of information from your organization to your target audiences. With the help of PR, your company can increase visibility, which is a crucial part of growing business. 

PR specialists work to inform the public about your company, products, and services. The goal is to persuade potential customers that your business is worth their attention. It is accomplished by building long-term relationships and maintaining connections with the public or media. 

Some of the many functions that fall under the PR umbrella include crisis communications, managing brand image, and reputation on social media platforms, creating campaigns to gain media attention, writing press releases, and helping businesses to position themselves as industry leaders. 

What PR can do for you? 

1. Positive news coverage.

The truth is, that advertising your services in various venues is not enough to get customer attention. After all, people have to be aware of your product before they can purchase it. Studies have uncovered, that consumers give more weight to news articles about a company than to direct advertising. PR specialists pitch to news media continuously and have the best chance to get the wanted attention of reporters or even potential customers. 

2. Crisis strategies.

No business will ever intend for a crisis to hit, but it can happen to any company at any time. It doesn’t have to be big; Research shows, that approximately half of businesses that experience crisis no longer survive. PR specialists can help you figure out exactly what, when, and how to say it. 

3. Reputation management.

You can continuously declare how good your products or services are, yet, your company is whatever the public thinks it is. Even if your company’s reputation is built flawlessly over the years, a few mouse clicks of some irritated customer or former employee can destroy it. With help from PR, you can monitor your online presence and react immediately when it’s needed. 

4. Social media engagement. 

It’s no secret, that social media channels are huge opportunities for increasing connection, publicity, and sales. Half of the world each day uses various social platforms, and it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to reach your target audiences. PR specialists can show you how to take maximum advantage of these channels and create a two-way dialogue with your customers.

5. Online presence. 

Press releases, social media, or influencer connections with promotional content – are only a few tools that PR can help you to strengthen your brand image and increase profitability. In the end, the number of included channels is what makes your brand to have higher chances of reaching the right audience effectively. 

The importance of PR consulting firm

The points outlined above are only a small part explaining the functions of PR. But it’s more than clear, that every company needs PR to build trust, make long-term relationships, increase online presence, and much more.

With all you have on your plate, it might be difficult to accomplish these tasks on your own, it’s huge undertaken even if you already have in-house PR help. Hiring a PR consulting firm can free you out from all of the difficulties you face in daily business life.

You can trust the professionals at CloudPR with 10 years of public relations experience in various industries. We will make sure that everything is covered – from consumer habits to competitor tactics. PR strategy and planning, brand imaging, or digital marketing – we will take care of it all.